Photo by Tim Marshall on Unsplash

A short prayer of thanks as 2021 comes to a close

Matthew Killorin
1 min readDec 31, 2021


As the end of 2021 draws near it’s an ideal time to reflect on one’s blessings. This year had many challenges and each of us probably has a bruise or two (physically and mentally) to show for it. Moreover, the pandemic presented hardships that made otherwise routine activities such as school and work an ordeal.

However, if you’re reading this it means you’re still breathing, which is a miracle in itself. So no matter our circumstances, at the very least we should always have gratitude for life.

In the spirit of reflecting on the past year I composed a little prayer as a reminder to always be grateful and hopeful.

Thank you God for all I have. You have blessed me with all I need…and much more.

There are countless sentient beings who are content with far less than what I possess.

Thank you for helping me see my flaws and coming to terms with them.

Thank you for providing me with opportunities to help others.

For these and many other blessings I am grateful.

What are you especially grateful for? Has 2021 made you more aware of blessings you took for granted in the past?